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Our "Pop Up" Team

Team Rui Mota Pinto

Wedding Tailor & Planner

Leader in Wedding Planning in Portugal, Rui Mota Pinto is recognized as a visionary whose creative talents and outstanding reputation gave him tremendous success on the stage of Weddings in Portugal. Rui Mota Pinto has created a name for himself taking his passion for designing spectacular events as the basis of his own creative style. Over the years has surprised, exceeding expectations with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination and innovation to deliver memorable events. At 20 years old he opened his first events and advertising business 2 years after started his career as a Wedding Planner constructed from experience, specialized training, passion and natural talent for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Almost two decades after his name is now synonymous with creativity. style and elegance through a unique vision. It´s all about your happiness! Make It Your Day…Your Way!

Team João Jonas


João Jonas is one of the best Celebrants working in Portugal. With a strong background in Theater and Yoga, he can create the most beautiful athmosphere in any wedding. Started working as an actor at an early age and quickly became obvious that everything he would do had the purpose of touching people´s hearts and minds. In this path, Yoga Sámkhya came into his life. He is now director of an Áshrama, teaching Yoga everydays. Fluent in english, french, spanish and of course, portuguese, João Jonas adapts easily to any wedding in a relaxed and positive way. With open heart and with his big smile, his words are the perfect melody for your wedding… your celebration of Love and Unity.

Team Nuno Palha

Nuno Palha is an experienced portuguese wedding photographer.

Started his carrer in 2005 as an assistant. Only in 2009 he started his own business.

Nuno is booked regularly to photograph weddings around the world. His travells took him already to photograph in 3 continents.

His portfolio of work counts already with more than 200 weddings and many more photosessions.

His work is full of live, emotion and dynamism.

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Photo by Gonçalo Vilaverde
Photo by Gonçalo Vilaverde